It’s Time to Customize Everything

After gathering lots of iPhone users by CooolKey to create the keyboards they love, now CooolApp released a new method of customizing iPhone for those who love to customize and work with tools they have created by their own. The new product called CooolTheme is now available on the App Store to enable users to make their devices more enjoyable than before. In this blog you will read a very brief introduction about CooolTheme.

Generally, customization of smart phones even iPhone is not a new thing to be introduced, but the way by which CooolTheme has done this is something different. A very simple and efficient user interface has been provided and everything is clear. Also, the way user can switch to other modes is totally simple and well-designed. Let me put it this way; only by tapping on one button and sliding the screen left and right you can see various themes, wallpapers, status bars and docks to set with each other.

CooolTheme has thought about those who do not like spending their times on searching and finding their desired wallpapers and other things. At the first page of the app there is a list of ready sets of wallpapers, status bars and docks which users can simply save them to use or they can use their own photos from their Camera Role, instead. In addition, iPhone’s lock screen is another thing which CooolTheme users can customize it in a way they like. It is again simple and routine by choosing HOME SCREEN or LOCK SCREEN at the first step of customization process.

The last thing about CooolTheme is the ability to share the created theme via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to let the others know about your creativity in customizing your iPhone’s home screen and lock screen.

CooolApp Team is here to make enjoyable apps for iPhone users and is waiting for your feedback at

November 11, 2014