CooolKey, a Social Network?

Thanks to the feedback and constructive suggestions we have received from our users, CooolKey is getting more technical while at the same time still maintaining its user friendly outlook. We have recently added some new features and will continue to do so as time goes by.

From the feedback and suggestions we received from our users, we were keen to note that most of you wanted the App to support more languages. We are proud to announce that CooolKey now supports 10 different languages and we are looking to add more as we make further improvements to the App.

Another important recently added feature to CooolKey is its technical ability to customize the iPhone keyboard. Users are now able to change quite a number of things from button shapes and colors to background colors. In fact, with the newly added features you can now choose different sounds and even animations to improve your Cooolkey experience. By adding these features CooolKey registered a better rating on the App Store and we appreciate the perfect feedback received from you the users. To this effect, we are continually looking to improve CooolKey’s abilities.

Making CooolKey as a social App was the third most successful decision that kept our customers most satisfied. Most of its users were quite pleased with the combination of a keyboard app with social media content features. This is because Cooolkey allows its users to create and share their keyboards with their friends via Twitter and Instagram.

But that’s not the whole story yet, there’s more!
Users can not only use the App to publish their own keyboard but, they can also see other users’ keyboards and even use them. The keyboards are categorized into Recent and Popular by the number of views. In this way, users can rate each other’s keyboards and finally choose the desired ones for their iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

CooolKey is currently an ongoing project and our staff is continually working on it every day in the various departments. The main goal of CooolKey is not only to offer a unique experience for iPhone users but to also keep it users satisfied. As such, your views and suggestions are welcome and you can always contact us at

November 1, 2014