Do We Need Sticker Keyboards?

To begin with, having a perfect keyboard is something we all like and we prefer to use the one we love and we can work with easily. One of the features that makes a keyboard enjoyable is its appearance and the way you can customize it. Another thing which is very important in this field is the way the keyboard is at our service which should be totally easy and practical. Also, the ability to express feelings using different stickers when messaging is desirable. As a result, we need something nice, practical and in one word, perfect.

CooolKey with lots of features in customizing and editing appearance of keyboard stars playing the role of the prefect keyboard in iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. And now, we are proud to introduce CooolSticker as an app for those who want to express their feelings using stickers in their messages. Producing CooolSticker is the result of listening to users and our hard working to make it possible to express your feelings in your texts. We have done our best to add different categories of stickers in CooolSticker to cover all tastes and opinions. Simply by adding them to your keyboard you can use them when messaging with your friends to send your feelings.

Sticker Keyboard

CooolSticker is now at your service on the App Store with lots of categories of Stickers updated weekly by our design department. One of the interesting things about CooolSticker is the simple and user friendly UI which enables users to add new stickers to their keyboards simply by checking and saving the desired ones.

Application UI

You can download it and make your keyboard and texts more enjoyable and user friendly. Stay in touch with CooolApp to hear more...

October 21, 2014