Why CooolKey

Eventually iOS 8 released to make iPhone even better and more enjoyable than before.
One of the features it presents is custom keyboard that lets users type with their desired keyboards on their iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. As soon as iOS 8 release, many keyboards came to the App Store. They all let the users customize their keyboards in different ways like changing the keyboards color

CooolKey offers something more!
The ability to put your favorite photo behind your keyboard is the thing which is offered by CooolKey. The sense this action gives users is absolutely amazing. As we hear from our users in social networks we can find out that this feature is totally attracting their attentions, especially teens.

In addition, CooolKey is going to complete its features and add other interesting things like different sounds, button shapes and different animations for typing.

In CooolApp Team, we are doing our best to make our products like CooolKey, better and better by our users’ perfect support and instructive feedback.

Love to hear from you at contact@cooolapp.com and follow us in social networks.

September 18, 2014