CooolKey, Faster and More Accurate!

After previously adding new features to improve CooolKey’s graphical user interface, we are now working to make it more efficient in its technical aspect. We received feedback from our users who needed a tool to help them type faster. As a result, we decided to add a new typing feature to our app to improve your CooolKey typing experience. The new feature is able to forecast the words the user is typing. After carrying out advanced research and testing, we decided to add and name the new feature as the “Prediction” feature on CooolKey.

One of the advantages of prediction on CooolKey is that it helps its users to type faster. While typing, CooolKey will predict your next word. Once you have identified the word you’re looking for, the only thing left to do is to tap on the well-matched word. Look at it this way, after typing a word like “I”, CooolKey will provide you with 3 suggestions according to the most used word after “I”. So after you type “I”, CooolKey will suggest “am”, “have” and “was”. From there you can just tap on the desired word and continue like that until you complete your sentence.

Sticker Keyboard

Another advantage of the prediction feature is that there are no spelling mistakes. If the user types less and uses the CooolKey prediction feature more, the percentage of having typos decreases to zero.

Lastly, it goes without saying that the prediction feature does not need any Internet connection to work. No Wi-Fi or 3G connection is required to use CooolKey’s prediction feature. Users can therefore apply the feature regardless of where they are even when their phone is on offline mode. As such, there is no reason to worry about cellular data usage when typing using CooolKey’s prediction feature.

In summary, in a bid to improve your CooolKey experience, we added the prediction feature as per the feedback we received. The App can now predict what you’re typing to improve your CooolKey typing experience. The prediction feature makes typing with CooolKey much faster and more accurate without requiring any internet connection.

Our team is working hard to add more features and make CooolKey your number one App. For comments, feedback or suggestions please feel free to contact us at

December 3, 2014

It’s Time to Customize Everything

After gathering lots of iPhone users by CooolKey to create the keyboards they love, now CooolApp released a new method of customizing iPhone for those who love to customize and work with tools they have created by their own. The new product called CooolTheme is now available on the App Store to enable users to make their devices more enjoyable than before. In this blog you will read a very brief introduction about CooolTheme.

Generally, customization of smart phones even iPhone is not a new thing to be introduced, but the way by which CooolTheme has done this is something different. A very simple and efficient user interface has been provided and everything is clear. Also, the way user can switch to other modes is totally simple and well-designed. Let me put it this way; only by tapping on one button and sliding the screen left and right you can see various themes, wallpapers, status bars and docks to set with each other.

CooolTheme has thought about those who do not like spending their times on searching and finding their desired wallpapers and other things. At the first page of the app there is a list of ready sets of wallpapers, status bars and docks which users can simply save them to use or they can use their own photos from their Camera Role, instead. In addition, iPhone’s lock screen is another thing which CooolTheme users can customize it in a way they like. It is again simple and routine by choosing HOME SCREEN or LOCK SCREEN at the first step of customization process.

The last thing about CooolTheme is the ability to share the created theme via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to let the others know about your creativity in customizing your iPhone’s home screen and lock screen.

CooolApp Team is here to make enjoyable apps for iPhone users and is waiting for your feedback at

November 11, 2014

CooolKey, a Social Network?

Thanks to the feedback and constructive suggestions we have received from our users, CooolKey is getting more technical while at the same time still maintaining its user friendly outlook. We have recently added some new features and will continue to do so as time goes by.

From the feedback and suggestions we received from our users, we were keen to note that most of you wanted the App to support more languages. We are proud to announce that CooolKey now supports 10 different languages and we are looking to add more as we make further improvements to the App.

Another important recently added feature to CooolKey is its technical ability to customize the iPhone keyboard. Users are now able to change quite a number of things from button shapes and colors to background colors. In fact, with the newly added features you can now choose different sounds and even animations to improve your Cooolkey experience. By adding these features CooolKey registered a better rating on the App Store and we appreciate the perfect feedback received from you the users. To this effect, we are continually looking to improve CooolKey’s abilities.

Making CooolKey as a social App was the third most successful decision that kept our customers most satisfied. Most of its users were quite pleased with the combination of a keyboard app with social media content features. This is because Cooolkey allows its users to create and share their keyboards with their friends via Twitter and Instagram.

But that’s not the whole story yet, there’s more!
Users can not only use the App to publish their own keyboard but, they can also see other users’ keyboards and even use them. The keyboards are categorized into Recent and Popular by the number of views. In this way, users can rate each other’s keyboards and finally choose the desired ones for their iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

CooolKey is currently an ongoing project and our staff is continually working on it every day in the various departments. The main goal of CooolKey is not only to offer a unique experience for iPhone users but to also keep it users satisfied. As such, your views and suggestions are welcome and you can always contact us at

November 1, 2014

Do We Need Sticker Keyboards?

To begin with, having a perfect keyboard is something we all like and we prefer to use the one we love and we can work with easily. One of the features that makes a keyboard enjoyable is its appearance and the way you can customize it. Another thing which is very important in this field is the way the keyboard is at our service which should be totally easy and practical. Also, the ability to express feelings using different stickers when messaging is desirable. As a result, we need something nice, practical and in one word, perfect.

CooolKey with lots of features in customizing and editing appearance of keyboard stars playing the role of the prefect keyboard in iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. And now, we are proud to introduce CooolSticker as an app for those who want to express their feelings using stickers in their messages. Producing CooolSticker is the result of listening to users and our hard working to make it possible to express your feelings in your texts. We have done our best to add different categories of stickers in CooolSticker to cover all tastes and opinions. Simply by adding them to your keyboard you can use them when messaging with your friends to send your feelings.

Sticker Keyboard

CooolSticker is now at your service on the App Store with lots of categories of Stickers updated weekly by our design department. One of the interesting things about CooolSticker is the simple and user friendly UI which enables users to add new stickers to their keyboards simply by checking and saving the desired ones.

Application UI

You can download it and make your keyboard and texts more enjoyable and user friendly. Stay in touch with CooolApp to hear more...

October 21, 2014


This is the question all developers asked when they found out to be able to communicate with container app within keyboard extension, they need to get user to allow something called "full access".

This is the question we, as developers, asked when we first heard about some strange permission request called "Full Access". Let me explain in detail what it is and why all keyboard extensions will need this permission to work correctly.

On iOS 8, Apple introduced extensions, small apps packaged inside another app i.e. container app. One of the extension types is keyboard extension. Keyboard extensions are limited in features and capabilities like they can not access internet or share data with their container app. After all they are just keyboards and why a keyboard may need internet or communication with its container app! Wrong. Keyboard extensions are here to extend default keyboard. Without these permissions, all a keyboard extension can do is to rearrange keys! This is not what users need. Better to say this is what users will hate! They used to work with this standard arrangement of keys over years.

Apple thought about it already. iOS 8 allow keyboard extensions to access internet or share data with container app under one condition: User should allow these permissions explicitly. This is what called "Full Access". The down side is that "Full Access" gives an extension all permissions even if it doesn't need them. This is the case for CooolKey.

CooolKey is a keyboard extension that allows one to set themes for keyboard. CooolKey app downloads themes from internet and shows them to user. But it also needs to pass the selected theme into keyboard extension via shared container, a space shared between app and extension. It is only allowed if user enables "Full Access".

If only Apple had allowed read-only shared container, CooolKey wouldn't have needed any extra permission under a big name such as "Full Access".

This is the story behind CooolKey and "Full Access". We stated in our privacy policy that we do not gather any data from users except anonymous data about CooolKey app usage like what themes are popular or what colors users use more frequently.

September 20, 2014

Why CooolKey

Eventually iOS 8 released to make iPhone even better and more enjoyable than before.
One of the features it presents is custom keyboard that lets users type with their desired keyboards on their iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. As soon as iOS 8 release, many keyboards came to the App Store. They all let the users customize their keyboards in different ways like changing the keyboards color

CooolKey offers something more!
The ability to put your favorite photo behind your keyboard is the thing which is offered by CooolKey. The sense this action gives users is absolutely amazing. As we hear from our users in social networks we can find out that this feature is totally attracting their attentions, especially teens.

In addition, CooolKey is going to complete its features and add other interesting things like different sounds, button shapes and different animations for typing.

In CooolApp Team, we are doing our best to make our products like CooolKey, better and better by our users’ perfect support and instructive feedback.

Love to hear from you at and follow us in social networks.

September 18, 2014